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All proceeds from the online book sales of

Simple Solutions for Women!
(diet & exercise not required)

will be donated to the
Wounded Warrior Project

Simple Solutions For Women
$12.00 + S & H

Buyers also receive a copy of
“Dress for Success”
a complete guide to building a wardrobe for men included as a special gift. 

Why Wounded Warrior?

After spending several years working with women, helping them to develop their self esteem regardless of their age, size or disposable income by showing how they could leave the house in the morning, facing the day with confidence and not buying into social pressures to look a certain way, 9/11 happened; it changed everything for me.

Living in Southern California, driving up and down the 5 freeway allowed me to witness the day to day exercises taking place on Camp Pendleton.  Making a long story short; I found my way onto the base with the intention of conducting my seminars for the women, wives, spouses on the base at no charge.  Looking to volunteer my time I met with several people on the base that showed me around, allowing me to see how life was for those that lived there.  I discovered many things; one being the importance of the Marine Corps Birthday Ball held every year.  This is a formal affair that all look forward to, with the only requirement being formal attire for the spouses.  Most soldiers couldn’t afford the extra expense for a special dress. From that need, “Operation Ball Gown” was born.  I was privileged to be allowed to start this program on the base; it continues today under the direction of the ASYMCA.

In addition to the seminars for the women I was asked to conduct the “dress for success” classes for the retiring Marines/Navy on the base as these men (and some women) needed to know how to build a wardrobe for civilian life after serving for multiple decades.

With my heartfelt appreciation to these men and women along with their families has driven me to help whenever possible.  I selected the Wounded Warrior Project to help those that need to rebuild their lives. 


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